Saturday, June 11, 2016

Don’t Force Your Child To Be A Holiday Fashion Disaster

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A store dedicated to the little ones has just opened in Milan, La Petite Boutique - Milano. The store is a multi-brand, with all their pieces selected by Alessandra Boratto, the owner of the store, that works in the children's fashion industry for  years, founder of the Mini Trends and Co blog and one of the collaborators of our website, Fashionkids

Alessandra's initial idea was to bring Brazilian brands to Europe, since in Brazil we have high quality and very tasteful products and brands. So, to start, Le Petite Boutique sells two Brazilian brands: Roana and Petit Cherie. The store offers products to newborns, like hand embroidered maternity clothes , sheets, bath towels, shoes and accessories in general;  Clothes for baptim and party dresses for the first birthday, shoes, bags, tiaras, hair pins and headbands that attends the little girls up to the adolescence.

The style of the store is very princess like, all the products are hand embroidered, everything with lots of details, not basic at all, the products are one piece of a kind and hard to find in other places...Alessandra's idea aways was to bring Brazilian products with a big differential, products that you can't find in Europe but that fits the european taste. Italian children's fashion is well crafted and feminine, full of frills, laces and embroidery, things that compose Petite Boutique style.

The store is located in Via Caradosso, 19, ih the corner of the Piazza Virgilio, a very fancy neighborhood where the traditional families live.

Alessandra detains the representation of theses brands abroad, being able to bring them to other countries.

Some pictures of the the store and some products...Adorable!

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